Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gay Asian Men Don't Like Black Guys

Apparently, gay Asian men don't like black guys. This may not be universal, but a news report about a recent study on mixed-race dating puts black men on the bottom of their sexual-partner pool.

Though the study focused on black men, of the Asian men in the study, 74% were less likely to have had a black sexual partner, compared to white men, who were 34% less likely and Latinos, who were 65% less likely.

Here's more info about the study:

They asked 1,142 gay men about their own ethnicity and the number and ethnicity of their sexual partners in the previous six months. They also asked about the ethnicity of the men’s friends as well as their sexual partners, the preferred ethnicity of their sexual partners, the perceived ‘riskiness’ of men of different ethnicities in terms of their likelihood of passing on HIV, and whether they found it easy or difficult to meet partners of different ethnicities.

Of the sample, 56% were white, 21% Latino, 14% Asian and 9% black. The average number of partners in the previous six months was three, and this did not differ significantly between ethnic groups.


  1. thankyou to the above comment, am black and dating an asian guy

  2. I'm a Black guy, and I found all types of Asian Men to be attractive. But I have ran into a few pretty harsh Chinese guys to be exact. I was flat out told that they don't like Black people, or other Chinese Men for that matter. I pity anyone having those type of self-hating and strong ignorant issues. It's a damn serious shame really...